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Note that I treated two pigeons with metronidazole. First one cleared up in a few days, but the second one had to be treatd for several weeks.

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 Hi there,

 Update.The growths are quite a bit smaller down the sides of her neck they have begun to shrink up to a round  golf ball shape. I used a wet Q-tip stick and prodded around up in roof of mouth where the split is because I noticed brownish discharge leaking out around nostrils. Using a small pair of rounded tip hemostats I pulled the small chunks out. They weren't attached really, just lodged in there. 

  I pushed on growth on right side and noticed some movement pushing it up from outside. I worked around behind the nodule and managed to pinch the membrane, it bled just a little and a few small chunks broke off. The growth seems to be moving around now, just a little.but the biggest part is still attached at bottom, and is too far down her throat. It is not coming out yet, I am hoping a couple more days of medication will make the difference. I will keep you updated what happens now that I severed some of the membranes feeding the growth am hoping it will quicken the growths dying process. I just hope it doesn't kill her like..popping an abscess. She is pretty weak.. I'd say 50 / 50 chance that she makes it through this. All we can do is try. Thanks again ladies.

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Sounds like some progress!

Hopefully she will make it through.

Thank you for the update!

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She made it through the night and is much feistier than previously. Her mouth looks sore but growths are definitely turning blackish and seem to be shrinking even more. I just got the baby bird feeding supplement (Kaytee) man is it so much easier to feed her it doesn't clog like I the nightmare I have been going through.. There is feed on my ceiling, and walls trying to clear a clog... lol. I'm gong to an out of town feed store tomorrow and get this kit called "weak Kid" tube feeding kit. It is a 60cc syringe with a very soft catheter like tube with holes on sides instead of just one opening! Here is a link to it. It looks perfect I will let you know how well it works.

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Kaytee is the best, but you can use crumbles in water if you blend them with a stick blender first.

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The canker has shrunk considerably but is not gone after 7 days of fishzole. I am going to try and dig it out as it seems to be less attached to her "throat". I have a worse problem it seems now though. She can't see, or judge where her food and water are. She walks like shes unbalanced and staggers occasionally. She does drink at times, but not in normal "chicken way". She puts her beak into water (when she finds it) and swishes head around sort of like my goose does. She doesn't tip head back hardly ever. It does seem as though she is getting the water down though as it is less in bowl after. I read that in extreme cases canker can cause brain damage! I am hoping not. You guys think maybe after lumps are gone she will function? I just don't know. Here is a short video of how she acts when sees food. I have put food in my hand and tried different locations and dishes always same.


*note: her eyes are clear and bright no swelling discharge or fog.








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Maybe the infection spread to her ears? I would continue with the metronidazole for another 7 days. Also note that high doses of metronidazole and cause neurological issues.

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How much does your chicken weigh? The dosage is roughly 25 mg per pound of weight (27.5mg exactly) given twice a day. Many sources just say 250 mg daily for 5 days, but a more specific dosage should be used. . I would probably reduce the dosage for her size since she looks small, and give it twice a day, which might reduce the side effects. Listen more to Casportpony about the meds since I have never used metronidazole nor treated canker. Cut the tablets in two, and that would equal 125 mg each. That (125mg) would be good for a 5 pound chicken given twice a day. 1/4 tablet twice a day would treat a 2 1/2 pound chicken.

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Thanks Kathy and Eggcessive  I noticed this symptom before I started treating her. That's what drew my attention to her. I just kinda figured that it would get better, I thought the same thing maybe her ears. I have no scale but she is very light still a little under two pounds I would say. She has gained a little weight in last few days. The fishzole is 250 mg I have been giving her a half to 3/4 a pill daily. Only once a day. I'll have to go get more pills. I am going to try and dig that lump out I guess now that shes a bit stronger, gosh I hate doing it, but I will give it a go. I'm going to look up amounts of food and water and meds again as I have a bad memory. I think I have been pretty close. I will give her 1/4 pill 2 times a day. You don't think lowering dosage will let the canker take hold again?

I will keep ya's updated.


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That is the dosage listed in Plumb's veterinary handbook. It says to give 10 to 50 mg per Kg ( or each 2.2 pounds)  twice a day.

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