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Prolapsed Vent

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Good Morning

This morning I was giving my ill hen her antibiotics for the rattle in her chest. I noticed that her vent was prolapsed. I came in and made a mixture of warm water and antibacterial solution in a squeeze bottle. As I was drying her off after cleaning the white discharge this fell out of her vent..It has no smell and it is heavy.. I am sure that she is going to feel much better. I will give her another cleaning in a few hours.

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Welcome to BYC. That could be some tissue from internal laying, similar to a lash egg. Have you tried to push the prolapse back inside? Or dis it go back in on it's own? Honey or hemorrhoid cream are good to apply to the prolapse area to help shrink the tissues.

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Hi there and thank you for your concern. I did put honey on her vent and washed it off after 20 minites. Then I put some Vasaline on it to keep it moist. I tried to push it back in and held it there for about a minute. It came right back out. I have her covered in the tack room for the night. I am not sure what else I can do for her. I will do the same tomorrow and go from there I guess. Any other suggestions. She has a terrible rattle in her chest and I heard her sneeze. I don't want to over handle her or disturbe the tissue on her vent more then needed. I also don't want her to suffer if she is not going to get well.
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Hens with prolapse sometimes will get well, while others will either do it again later, or may not survive the first occurance. The honey or hemorrhoid cream should be left on to reduce swelling. Keeping it lubricated to prevent drying out is slso helpful.
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