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My duck is still not sitting. I took her 10 newest eggs that she laid (she did lay 10 and didn't sit on them.) and it is still a no go. I read somewhere that incubation humidity is really high 86% days 1-24 and day24-28 was needing to be at 94%. I had some of her first laying eggs in my incubator but NONE of them developed. I was hatching them out along with my chicken eggs.  I need to get these eggs in my incubators soon before they are not any good.( i have 2 hens currently siting on them keeping them warm) I am just curious for the humidity for my eggs.


I have also moved her away from the chicken coop and she is in my backyard in a dog house and laid a new egg in there in the wee early morning hours so I am hoping now that maybe I  have moved her away maybe she will sit once she gets 10 eggs.