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 I thought id get a better one later,but might not have to.It works super.


I finally bought a candler,and am very happy.I tried it on 7 day old hatching eggs and all had veins.It also lights up brown and quail eggsI bought it at stromburgs chickens.It the bright one that shines thru white,blown and quail eggs.Picture is  on incubator it,has different rubber tipsThey have a cool light for 16.00, but I got the ec116 powerlux egg candler plugs in wall,lights quail and brown eggs up like a light bulb

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Congratulation on all your eggs having veins celebrate.gif

I find a good candler is a must for clear shot of what is going on in eggs. Great to hear you are happy with yours!
Good luck with your eggs, have a great hatch thumbsup.gif
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What brand did you buy? Anyone rec a good candler?
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I have the standard Brinsea one ~
It works well and is easy to use. Brinsea also make one that has an even brighter light but the standard suited me for my needs.

There is also some great articles in the learning centre on making a home made one.
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thanks,i haven't used one since I was 16,and all they had was a can with light in it

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thanks,after losing last hatch night before hatching,i ordered the 12 volt adapeter to hook to a car battery.WE had some bad tornadoes tear up the town.I was afraid I would lose the 2nd hatch of silkies.
Heres where i got it.    Stromgburgs chickens #ec116 powerlux candler price 36.95 this one has a powerful led light. 1 800 720 1134

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