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Thank you. I have done that. Can only wait now. :(

:fl Hope they get better!



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My favorite one "Willow" passed away too. That's 4 now. I'm so devastated, I hand raised these little guys in my house. I don't want to loose anymore. :(

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Can you keep them in a warm room? 80-85 degrees is ideal.



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I don't know if you can get it in Oz, but 5% [50mg/ml] toltrazuril (generic for Baycox) works much faster than Corid.  

Give it by mouth 7-10 mg/kg body weight.  The protocol I use is to dose for 2 days, repeat in a week, or when symptoms return.

If you are dosing lots of birds, you can give it in the drinking water.


This vendor appears to ship internationally

You want the 5% oral suspension.


If your babies are skin & bones and pooping blood, it may be too late.  


Good luck!

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