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One of our leghorns laid her egg I brought it in the house bumped it on the inside

of the egg carton, it put a hole in the shell, I washed it off to give ton one of my cats, the shell crackled, I tried

to peel the shell, I could not get it to peel very easy, I had to make a real effort, when I poured it into the dish

it was thick I stuck my finger in the yolk and it did not brake, I even used a fork to poke the yolk same thing I stabbed

it few times before the yolk finally broke but did not run. Here are some pictures. what do you think is it a freaky thing or is it what.



Food has not change, roam free in the yard all day, layer feed, oyster shell, water, grit, scratch and peek.

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May just be an odd egg :)  It happens every once in awhile.  It shouldn't be an issue unless it keeps happening.

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I'm not real concerned since this as just the first time she laid a weird one, all three leghorn have not missed a

day since they started to lay in Dec. guess she just had to throw out one weird one.



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