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I have 12 chicks I have noticed 1 is smaller than the others should I be worried?
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You guys and gals are veterans of the trade.  This is my first time so I'm a little over protective.  I have mine indoors now.  10 days old in a 55 gal tub.  The kids like watching them and I have to admit, I enjoy their company as well.

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I have to keep mine inside this year-weve moved to a new property and have no out buildings. (Not even our coop yet) so they're going to be living in our laundry room for a fee weeks.

Next year though, outside. Although,it does feel weird and like a waste of energy to heat the outdoors.
We are building a second coop, always an exciting process! Do you have an idea on what you want your coop to be like?

When you brood - either indoors or outdoors, you have to provide a heat source for the chicks - I use a heat lamp inside or outside - so the cost is the same.
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We're building a fairly large, walk in shed type coop. Around 8x10. We already have a large pad poured outside in a shady corner of our yard that this can sit on. Although, we'll elevate it some.
We may put up a temporary divider wall so we can put them in one coop but wait to introduce them. (We're still trying to figure that part out.) Were getting some ready to lay, which will most likely go straight into the coop (mid April is our pick up time.)
The chicks though will be in out basement brooder for a while though...I think? I havent really figured out how/when we're going to introduce the hens to the chicks. The end goal is going to be to have them all together. I do realize though that it could take some time to do that safely. Thoughts?

Oh yes, and we do have heat lamps smile.png
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