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Sportsman 1502 trays

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Quick question for 1502 users. I bought a used 1502 a couple of months ago and drug my feet buying egg trays, so I bought some off Amazon and they were to be here soon. The company had a delay and sent me paper trays from GQF to hold me over until they got more. They said they would work. Anyone ever use these paper trays as hatching tray in the 1502

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I wouldn't think they'd allow proper air flow being solid, i'd either wait on your proper trays or cut some holes in them.


you will also need to take the wic pad out during the first 18 days of incubation.

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Thanks JetCat. I have eggs to set so I may just fire up a styrofoam one and wait on trays. Was going to cut holes, but I don't want to risk my first experience.
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Sounds like a good idea to me.  i'd save those pulp trays for egg storage!! :thumbsup

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