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What is it????

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G-day Every One, You where all such a great help last time, Well I'm very confused of what this little feathery kid could be, It was advertised as Red Leghorn or a Road Island Red. But I've also found photo's that look like this chick and they say the breed is a  Wilsummer. Any one out there with a better idea. The chick is only 2 week's old, very flighty and stands very tall (longish legs)

Thank you :jumpy from the little Love Farm

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It looks a lot like my Welsummer when she was younger, especially the arrow on the head. My Speckled Sussex also had the arrow head but was a little redder with almost the same markings. Here's a pic of my Welsummer around the same age as your chick.
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Egyptian fayoumi chicks have similar coloration. They have longish legs like you described which makes me think it could be this breed.

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