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Chick thread!

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Hi there, feel free to post pics of your chicks! heres a couple of mine...
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I have had chickens my whole life but I had about 40 chickens and I noticed a few gradually disappearing. I later found out there was a fox. My dad ended up shooting it but by that time I only had about 5 chickens. Then i locked them up in a smaller coop with a fence around it and started using their eggs to sell. After a while my mom convinced me to sell them because she hated them lol but I found her weakness... Silkies! I finally got hatching eggs again! I got $100 worth of exotic eggs for my birthday and my little brother thought the knob had to be turned all the way up to work so they got roasted at 125 degrees. So to make up for it my parents bought me these eggs and they finally hatched!
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