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Breeding questions

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1. Can you breed for type of egg? Some of my quail lay bluish or olive eggs. If I hatch those will I get quail that lay that color or is it luck of the draw?

2. How often do you need new blood to come in?

3. Is there anything I can watch for that signals genetics for double yolkers? I love them but it's killed a couple gals so not really worth it.

4. Any other cool breeding tips?
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If you selectively hatch those eggs, you increase your chances of getting those eggs.

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Ok- I didn't know if egg pattern/color was a genetic trait or they just always changed. I'd love to read about a quails egg laying process- I know the spots are applied at the end but how?
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I don't think the pattern is hereditary, but the chance for colour probably is.  I don't know the specifics of the spots, but my guess is it's a lot like brown chicken eggs.  For those, the egg is white and the brown is a coating that covers the white egg.  Easter eggers lay a blue egg with a brown coating, giving a green egg.  That's what happens when you cross a blue layer (Americauna) with a brown layer. 


I get pink eggs from my Chantecler chickens.  I think it's a very slight brown coating over a white egg.

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That all makes sense- thanks! I love the green quail eggs- they're like Easter eggs
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The eggs you are talking about are produced when something stresses the bird out. The eggs get painted in the ovaduct, green/purple/blue/solid white/solid brown eggs are the result of spending too little or too long being painted. If something stresses a hen she can retain her egg for a safer time but the ovaduct begins to repaint it at this time, leading to a colored egg when it is actually laid.

Patterns can be bred for but not egg color beyond changing the depth of the base color brown. The only exception are the light blue celadon eggs laid by the schofield line available at james marie farms.
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Interesting- we have had a few loud and windy storms- maybe that's it then. And thanks for that information- I've been looking for the how and why they get their spots. And some are speckled others are mottled. It's really cool to me
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The speckles and the blotches you can control as well as that base color brown just remember when you breed for egg color you are genetically closing off your line to a certain extent. Because of that at some point its wise to add new stock and then restart your selection process. It also helps to work egg color or feather color projects with two separate groups at the same time in case you lose one or make a genetic mistake you need to correct.
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