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Quail went crazy this morning

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I have a 10/28 pen devided in half.The chuckars have been raised from chicks,never any trouble except for feather pulling which I fix by trimming beaks.This morning I heard a loud noise.I went out side and the 40 a # W   and the 20 chucker quail had gone crazy,they looked like the movie birds.they were flying into the side of cage and running around the cage. I put my shoes on and went to check.One of the bigger ones was chasing another all around the  cage He. had skinned his whole back off.I put the beat up one in a separate cage.I wonder what he said to piss off the other bird? II will get the beak trimmer out tomorrow.Ive always believed that I couldnt keep them all in same cage for ever.


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How old are they? How many males/females? Are they alerady laying eggs or still young? One probable case might be he is a male and your Male:Female ratio is less than 1 : 4.. By the way do you sell those birds? Very rare here in Sri Lanka... :D

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They have all been raised from chicks,chuckars maybe 8 months old.They have been picking feathers,beaks are supposed to be trimmed every 2 weeks.Ive been in hospital too much to do it.I'm not set up to ship,but I can get you a list of hatchery's.Some might not ship out of the country.

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I'm not 100% sure about this breed. But if feather picking is common definitely number of males are higher than required. You can try reducing the number of males. Just keep 1 male per 7 females. If feather picking stopped and egg production reduced  1 male per 6 females, etc. until they are producing maximum number of eggs with minimum number of males...  You wont need to trim beaks... That's the exact solution when Coturnix picking feathers. 

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When I trimed the beaks.all feaher came back.This was more of a I'm gonna kill you deal.

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Mines not laying yet,got them last chicks      I got my first chucker egg today.They are selling for  $100.00 for 25 eggs.They say they are colony birds,and that you cant put a bird from a different colony in with them.The texas a #m,s are laying heavily.Ive gotten about 35 last 2 days,and weathers still cold.I put these in incubator instead of selling them.I don't know how many is fertilized.I haven't se


en much action since it got cold.

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If you were close,i would donate you some,ill look around for you

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