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Bloody Roosters From Pecking

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Hey guys. If you read my recent post you know that both my roosters have gone into a bloody battle. I want to wash them out so I can see if they have any wounds, but I was wondering if it is bad to touch their blood. I know, I know, kind of stupid to ask, but this is my first time dealing with this and I just need to know if it causes anything to humans. So, it is okay to touch their blood and it is okay it if touches my skin? Also, if they do have wounds/injuries, what is the best home or store treatment for that? Thanks.


Please answer ASAP.

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I've never worried about getting the blood from a chicken on me, but I usually glove up to treat wounds, just because I don't want to introduce anything further into the wound.  I've had a fair amount of blood on me, and never had any issues.  That's not a scientific answer, I know.

For cleaning the wounds you can use chlorhexadine (novalsan - walmart has it), or sterile saline. Veterycin wound and skin care spray is really good, and the hydro-gel stays where you put it.  Your feed store may have it.  Plain neosporin (NO painkiller) can be used on the wounds.  Getting them clean, keeping them clean, and preventing infection is the important thing.  Also, you are going to need to separate those roosters.

The following post is really good info on treating them:

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Thank you so much. :rolleyes: I have put a little Motrin into the water to the rooster that is more bloody than the other one. I separated them too late, so much blood :( but he's eating a little so I hope he's fine. Also, the other rooster, who's a little bit better then him, has the right leg off to the side while the left leg is straight. He's walking on it like it doesn't hurt. What do you think I should do? 

Anyways thanks for replying. 

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I would NOT give motrin (ibuprofen).  Many posts on here say aspirin only.

I personally would not give either, actually.  They are blood thinners.

I'd separate both birds, clean them up, give electrolites in their water, and observe.

If they are superficial wounds, they should heal up pretty quickly. 

For the leg, I'd just watch to see how he does.  Could be he just tweaked it and it will resolve on it's own.

In the absence of infection, they tend to  heal up pretty well, from even some pretty major wounds.

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