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Missing wing feathers

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I'm new to chick raising and recently purchased 12 baby chicks, 2 lavender orpingtons 5 buff orpingtons and 5 gold sex links. The buffs seems to be a few weeks older than the sex links and the lavenders appear to only be about a week or so old, today I noticed both of the lavender orpingtons are missing all the feathers on their wings, appears to be bare bone. Wondering what's causing this and if I should possibly separate them from the others. I haven't noticed and of the other chicks pecking at them. And they are all currently in a brooder(36x36x24) in my barn with a red heat lamp, the temp directly bellow the light is about 95deg fluctuating some with the temp swings at night. Thanks in advance hoping to figure out what's going on
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Hopefully one of the experts will chime in to help. It might help the diagnosis if you can post a picture. If you do suspect feather picking by another chick, I have had luck rubbing Vicks salve on the affected area. When the feather picker gets a mouthful of that, they generally don't go back for seconds.

Good luck.
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Sorry for the picture quality will try and post a better one as soon as I can get a chance, if you look closely you can see what seems to me like bare bones where the feathers have been picked clean on tail end of the wing. I don't think the other chicks are pecking at them but obviously I don't watch them 24/7 just when I am around I never notice much pecking.
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I am on my phone so I can't see the pic very well. Are you sure its bone, it might just be the feather shaft that the feather is growing from. New feathers are often called pin feathers and they look like a hollow straw or a very thin bone with the feather pushing out. I don't see any blood on the chick and I would expect it to be more bare of fluff if it were being picked. Try a better pic later and well see. 😁
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Here is a better photo, it looks a lot better today. Seems like there is more "fluff" than there was yesterday
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Yes, I think those are just the feather ribs. Can't wait to see the finished product. Orps are lovely birds.
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So here is the progress after 5 days

I feel like this isn't normal, the other lavender orph. Looks much more normal.
Also one thing I noticed today was this chick has no chirp, it tries, you can see it's beak open and close and hear a faint sound and every once in a while it will manage to push out a small squeek but that's it. Any ideas? I took a video to show what I'm describing but can't seem to upload it.
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I am not sure on the chirp. The wing feathers are a bit uneven but that does happen. Most importantly, how is it eating, drinking, running around? Maybe someone else will chime in about the chirp.
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