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Rooster Comb

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So I go outside because my rooster was crowing in his frightened manner. Anyone who has a rooster knows what I mean. He was caught in a net that I had up to block them from flying out. It was blown off by a storm. Then I realized a pallet had fallen and was laying on the ground. After I got him out of the net, I had him in my hands and I realized his comb was bleeding. I dont know if the pallet fell on him or the net cut him. Im assuming its the net. I locked him up in his coop for the night but I'm worried about the comb. Anybody have a suggestion?
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Get some blukote to put on his comb so the others leave it alone so it can heal. Watch for infection but otherwise no worries. It should be fine. Chickens are tough birds
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Thanks so much
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No problem smile.png hope he's better soon. It's easy to become attached to these sweet birds
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