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Looks like a nice big space for them. You might want to move the lamps further to the back instead of the middle though. That will give them more space to move away from the heat if they get too hot.

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ok, I was wondering where to put them, thanks

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I moved the heat and now they sleep in the corner away from it where it is only about 56-60 degrees. That seems awfully cold so I put them under the light. I checked on them 1/2 hour later and they moved back to the cold corner again. Is this normal? It's about 80-85 directly under the heat and they are 1 week old.

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I wouldn't worry about it. If they get cold they will move closer to the heat.

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I live in Ohio and just purchased two from TSC last Saturday. They too were mystery ducklings :) They look like Pekins however have brown spots on their heads. TSC said no Pekins were in that mystery group. So I am stumped....and my research has gotten me no where. Guess its a waiting game now. Boo

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That's what they told me too (in PA)  I called back yesterday hoping to talk to someone who knew what they were and she told me they were pekin :)

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I am also in Ohio and I got mystery ducklings from TSC. Also yellow with brownish grey markings on their heads. They were marked as Pekins but an employee said that the box they came in was labeled Khaki Campbells. They definitely weren't either lol. A really helpful person here said that they were fawn and white Runner ducks. One week later and they are starting to resemble runners a little. I hope that helps! If you want to message me, I can send you pics of mine to see if they match. smile.png
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yes please post the pic :) I would love if mine turned out to be runners too!

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Here you go! I didn't want to hijack your post. smile.png

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Gosh I just love baby ducks! Your babies are adorable!!!


 I've only had ducks for a little under a year now so I'm just a beginner.  So don't take anything I have to say as even probable because I'm clueless when it comes to breeds.  I only have Runner Ducks that I was able to pick up directly from a breeder so I knew what they were going in.  One of the 6 I picked was pale yellow but I do remember seeing bright yellow ones in the brooder as well with the typical Pekin color which I assume would have turned out pure white.  Your babies look bigger than mine did at a few days old so my gut would say maybe pekin.  Also, mine were walking upright at least part of the time from day 2. (of course I don't have experience with other breeds to know the difference, but to me the upright stance was apparent from the beginning)  Here is a pic of day 10. They were completely upright by then with the typical Runner stance. And the other pic is from around probably 3-4 months old.  Yellow baby is it lightest adult duck, the baby on the left is the adult far left, the middle baby is the brown with white one in the front.  Now they are all 10 months old and the yellow baby is now a sort of light cream color. 


So anyways, my thoughts are that the typical Pekin yellow can also be seen in other breeds, probably anything that can end up white.  And also probably that Pekins would tend to be bigger all along the way than some other breeds.  I would also think that if a duckling was Runner or part Runner you would see it in their stance very early on. 


Hope maybe some of this can help. 


I would love to get a couple of Pekins to add to my flock!  Ducks are so addicting!  Keep us posted on what they turn out to be!!!!

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