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The one in New Holland

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Does your male have trouble standing? It just seems like his body is so heavy his little legs can't support it for very long. It's chilly out this week or they would be outside all day. I don't feel like they can get enough exercise in the brooder

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Yep I think they are! My male is getting so huge and he can't support his weight for very long before he lays down. Sometimes his legs even start shaking. I give them brewer's yeast every day but it hasn't helped. He acts normal otherwise and runs around in the yard but takes more rests than the female.

How much brewer's yeast are you giving? How old is he? What's the protein percentage in your feed?
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He's  5 weeks old and has been this way since he was a day old. Giving about 5% ratio of brewer's yeast to the feed and just switched to 18% protein

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I would increase the brewer's yeast. You're just about at the recommended level. I had one duckling who laid down a lot too and improved when I increased the brewer's yeast. They were getting the recommended levels before but this one needed a little more. You might consider reducing the protein a little too, to maybe 16%. That will help reduce his growth rate.
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thanks! I've been adding 1 tbs of brewers yeast per cup of feed, I'll add 2 and see what happens

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Mine doesn't seem like he has trouble standing but his legs do turn in a bit. he also stretches them backwards when he lays down I don't know if that's normal.


my female is super mouthy I don't know if we're going to be able to keep her. she keeps biting hubby and I, she's really good with our daughter though so I guess we will see. its not nibbling exploring its like hiss! bite!

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It's normal for them to lay with their legs sticking out behind them.

I think I read something about people teaching their ducks not to bite just like you would a puppy. You could try doing a search.
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My male started biting a week ago so I just started paying extra attention and talk to him more and he finally stopped

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Male Muscovy ducklings lay down often when they are going through growth spurts. I remember being worried about my first drake, thinking there was something wrong. Move to food, flop down and eat. Follow mum and than flop down. Lose sight of mum, panic, peep like crazy, spot her and run over. Flop down next to her wagging tail and trilling/purring happy. Good times....
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