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Sick chicken

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Help! I'm new to the chicken scene and I believe one of my birds is sick! She's about a year old and she is an Easter egger. She isn't laying anymore (day 4 of no eggs from her), she won't come when I shake treats like she used to, she won't stay with the rest of the flock ( she goes off and sits by herself). I checked her butt this morning and there was a bunch of yellow,green diarrhea on her feathers and it smelled. I washed her really good. Could she have just had pasty butt? I don't think she is eating or drinking very well either.
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Sounds sorta like cocci. give her some ACV, and electrolytes.

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Should I separate her? I'm wondering if the other chickens are picking on her.
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Sorry I've been off a couple days yes you should separate her and get her feeling better before she goes back to the group.

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