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Roosters attacking new hen

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I picked up a silkie mutt the other day because she was just hilarious looking with her mop top head. When I introduced her to the flock the other hens ran away. I think this set the rooster off because he started chasing her and attacking her. This has been going on all week. The other hens don't bother her but the rooster will go after her for no apparent reason. Will this behavior stop in time or what?

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How did you introduce her? Generally it's best to introduce new birds through a fence or other barrier, so they can see but not hurt one another. Just tossing a new bird in will result in attacks because chickens are territorial. However generally it is the hens who will go after new females.

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I left her in the cage in the middle of the pen for about 2 hrs. Then I let her out.

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Two hours isn't enough time. I generally leave the barrier in for 2-5 days depending on the reaction of the resident birds.

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do you think the rooster will eventually stop?


i have a spare very small coop but it's isolated. I would hate to put here in there because they would never see her and she would be locked up in there by herself.

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If that's all you have then try locking HIM up in it for several days or a week. Assuming your hens accept her once he is gone.

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