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Silkies are a riot just to watch. I had four, and my grandmother would come visit and just laugh at their behavior so hard, I helped her build a coop and gave them to her as a gift! They bring her so much joy, she sits outside and just watches them for hours!

As for my favorite breeds, in the past years I've leaned toward rare chickens with interesting colors. Because I am limited on the number I can have in the city, I've spent more money for the luxuries like blue and green eggs, and fancy feathering. I love my araucanas, though they're funny birds and flighty! But I babied them as chicks so they all run to me and will sit in my lap. My Swedish flowers are the most interesting to look at, with their weird little crests and multicolored feathers, and finally my Isbars with their green eggs and brown flecks! Love how those eggs look, and they're great birds as well.

Other favorites; Buckeyes will catch mice! And they're sturdy and friendly and eager to be receiving attention. Lastly, I love my Dominique. Softest feathers of them all, and beautiful barred pattern. Also very sweet. smile.png
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Pekin or Cochin Bantams are my fav so far.. after keeping many breeds.


I friend gave me 4 of them as youngsters.. they are so friendly, active and act like real pets.


They feel fat and fluffy, are super amiable to being handles and are very calm.. plus they look really funny running about the garden with their feathery legs and feet.


They have taken over top place from my Japanese Bantams.. which look more beautiful than cute... and are not as interactive with people as the Pekins.


The worst breed I had where Amber Star hybrids.  They were just too friendly and would harass anyone who came to my home.. mobbing them in the garden and flying up onto their heads.. which was scary for most people... they also always tried to get into the house... and would always find a way in somehow.. to all sit around in the living room watching TV and pooping all over the place.

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