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Chickens dying

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 Hi,my name is Willard ,live in Texas, This is my first time on here ,hope I put this in the right place. Have about 150 poultry, RIR, free ranging, penned up at night, not crowed, automatic water & feeders,a chicken paradise, all chickens no more than a 1 1/2  yrs old,raised them all . As of lately one is dying every once in a while,no mark no loss of feathers,seem fine but died, feet and head tucked under. Can you help me find the problem ? A inspector comes by once a year or so.Haven't had any problems until now.

Love my chickens. Our Vet knows nothing about or won't treat them or give us a clue. Thanks Willard

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Welcome to BYC. When there are multiple aged chickens, there may be problems with coccidiosis, a protozoan in the soil. Chickens become tolerant of them, but younger chicks who haven't built up tolerance yet, can get really sick and die. Signs are lethargy. hunched appearance, runny diarrhea or blood in droppings, and poor eating. Corid treatment in the water for 5 days is the treatment. Dosage is 1 1/2 tsp of Corid powder per gallon of water, changed daily. Most state vets can do a necropsy to look for a cause of death is the body is refrigerated. Below are links to read and a link to your state vet:

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Will cotton seed meal are all purpose mineral harm chickens? plus i have chickens dying on me.My flock is RIR only.

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