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Neck Twisting Rooster

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Hi, our silkie rooster is doing some weird neck twisting thing.  It usually occurs right after he crows, and other random times of the day.  We're not sure what it is, possibly wry neck?  It eventually stops and he's normal again for a period of time, but it's definitely  increasing in frequency.  Any suggestions or advice?  Click this vimeo link to see it:

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Having looked at your video I would agree that he has wry neck. Right now if its sporadicall and not constant you should be able to start treating with good results. Is he able to eat and drink ok on his own? Often the lack of being able to eat & drink cause the bird malnutrition and dehydration. Which can be a bigger killer than the wry neck itself. As he is a silkie this could have been caused by a peck to the head causing a brain injury or a vitamin deficiency. I would start on some vitamins as soon as possible polyvisol (non iron) or vitamin E & selenium capsules. You must give the selenium as well so that the vit E is absorbed. Boiled/scrambled egg is also very good for lots extra goodness that could help him.

I wrote a little on wry neck after one of my birds suffered it ~

Good luck with your boy fl.gif
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Thanks for your insight. We started with scrambled eggs, we'll get some vitamins for him today. It's sporadic right now, so he's eating and drinking well at the moment.
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