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Loosin baby chicks

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So my mom and I drove about two and a half hours to pick up our order of chicks. On the drive home we lost two chicks. Then over night my mom said we lost 5 more and one of our little polish chicks is barely clinging to life. So out of 17 chicks we now have 10 almost 9. Is this normal? The other chicks seem fine and healthy so I don't know if I chicks be concerned for those chicks as well. Will someone please give me some insight as to what may be going on?
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Welcome to BYC. Chilling, dehydration, and chicks piling up can be common in transit. Check their vents (where they poop) for pasting up which can be fatal--wash it off daily for a week or so. Did you pick them up at a hatchery or from a breeder? When first bringing them home, add some SaveAChick to their water, especially if they were shipped or travelled long. Then dip their beaks a couple of times in the water, and pour some chick crumbles around their feet to get them used to pecking it. Any chicks huddled under the heat lamp or hunched up may be stressed. Always have a thermometer lying under the warmest part of the brooder  floor, but provide a cooler spot to get away from the heat. Keep the temps at 90 degrees the first week, and drop down 5 degrees weekly. Sorry for your loss.

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We got them from a hatchery. We lost a couple more today. The ones we lost that I physically watched we super lethargic, wouldn't take any water my mom and I tried to give to them through an eye dropped. We've checked their vents even the chicks that died and they were clear, and honestly the one that died in my hands didn't even poop once. The one we lost late last night didn't poop either. We only know this because we didn't see any excess poop on her little tail fuzz.
The other chicks seem to be doing fine. I've done some research and I found you can have the temp under the heat lamp at about 100. And around the heat lamp is actually about 90 maybe 85 only because the chicks are downstairs and the room is a little chilly.
Thank you very much for some input. We are really tired of loosing chicks.
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