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Frizzle Rooster in Pa

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We have a white Frizzle Rooster that we need to find a new home for.  My kids named him "Miss Puff" when we thought HE was a SHE, but unfortunately he's now Mr. Puff!  I have too many Roosters and so I need to find him a new home.  

We live in Grove City Pa, about an hour and a half north of Pgh.

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Here's a pic of him....
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I'll bump this. You're a bit of a drive from me, so I can't make it happen at the moment, but if someone doesn't take him in the next two weeks let me know. (Which someone had better do...)

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Thanks so much, he's still hanging out waiting for his new home!  Would love to find someone soon for him and our Silkie Roo, we need more hens!!!!!

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