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Sexing Chicks

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Hello, Is there a way when sexing chicks that is most effective? I know there is many ways, but not sure which one is the most effective.

Any help would be appreciated
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Buying sex links makes your chances better for getting the sex you want.
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I do agree some breeds are specifically breed to be able to tell males from females at hatch by color. some have specific signs to look for such as the barred Rock. males are more grey females more black looking due to genetics of the male. also as chicks females have the darker legs males lighter. another thing with the barred rock is the females have a clearer defined head spot while males are not so defined. Each breed has certain tell tale signals. Silkies for example when a bit older females have a more round crest while males crests tend not to be so full and round and get whisks in the back. Those are just some examples. so find a breed your interested in and do some reading on the breed. Find the male and female characteristics, see if they have any tell tale signs as chicks. some breeds you may have to wait until they are a bit older to sex but if you research the breed you want it should say. or an alternative is ordering pullet chicks from the hatchery. every now and then a male will still sneek in but not often.Hatcheries have some very good prices on sexed female chicks. if you go straight run your likely to end up having more males than females. I hope this helps a bit. best wishes
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