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Keep the wound clean just as you are doing now. Scrampled eggs and tuna to eat. Its hard when they get hurt but they are surprisingly resilient animals.
Also baytril egg withholding is about 5 days from last dose i do belive. If you do a search on this sight a few post will explain why some say not to consume.
Good luck.
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Well as for the egg she may or maynot lay you do not have to eat it if she does lay an egg in her condition.

I would be more concerned with her health. 

With an injury like this she will need to have help with fighting infection. That is why the Baytril is indicated. 

She will not be going to the pen for awhile so I would not worry about the eggs. The Baytril wears off.

Use a syringe to give her electrolytes and water. Get some pedialyte and a syringe a 5cc syringe any size syringe 

so she can more water into her. Dehydration begins immediately after an injury like this. 

You can also get some Exact formula for her to keep up her strenght while she heals. It is a substantial looking wound.

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I am truly NOT interested in egg production, but many sites are saying there is evidence that NO eggs should be eaten from poultry that have EVER had Batril....if that is the case, then she would ultimately have to be secluded from my other hens and that seems a terrible shame, too. After I posted that, I realized it seemed so inhumane, but I truly do have her best interest in mind. I don't know that just human companionship would be the same as being back with her buddies as I'd have to keep her apart to use any eggs.


Anyone have a link or instructions on how to get fluids in her better....first day she drank from a cup but not now. I fear dehydration but realize if I don't do it right I could get it in her lungs.



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Which sites?

Can you get her beak open long enough to have a look inside her mouth? There's one fairly obvious tube in the middle of the mouth, behind the tongue. That's the windpipe. The entrance to the oesophagus is behind that, and is as wide as the chicken's beak. It squashes down flat, as it doesn't need to have air passing through it.
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If you need help tubing, contact casportpony. She is my go to person when I have a sick chicken. She is awesome!
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Thanks! Today was a better day....she did eat more moistened food and took water off my finger and syringe tip....hopefully the moistened food is helping with the fluids. The wounds are still draining clear and I'm leaving them unbandaged. The one time I did bandage I felt it got too wet and weeped too much - I was also fearful of containing any germs.


Should I continue to spray with Vetrycin? She hates that but I feel that's helping to keep open and draining.

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Here is the latest pictures....she has improved greatly and I'd never have believed she could make it. She is exercising her leg and as of yesterday she started trying to stand on it more - this am she was standing when I checked in to feed her. She's still contained in a bin in my laundry room and she still prefers to eat out of my hand....pretty amazing as she was not a pet in the true sense of the word and they all rarely would eat from my hand their treats and never let me pet them. She started talking some this morning and seems much better. I'm still spraying some Vetrycin but have cut back and changed from Neosporin cream to ointment. The wound is still gaping and that allows it to drain and heal from the inside out. She is aware of things and when she poops she moves away from it. 


MANY thanks to all the help on this site! I could not have gotten this far (9 days) without your assistance and advice. I had really thought I was going to have to put her out of her misery. Oddly enough, another bit of inspiration was reading about Headless Mike.....someone told me about that and I didn't believe it....personally, I think that is a little sick, but I figure if a roo can live without his head, my girl might make it with a gash.


Chickens sure are tough and I'll try to keep you guys up to date - and of course - ANY ADVICE WELCOME!!!


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Such good news!

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Glad she is doing better! Keep us posted & keep up the good work.
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Ok - these pics are hard to look at and if she weren't so alert and eager to eat I'd have ended it. The top part of the wound appears to have bone structure is healing from the inside out but now she has begun to peck at far just dead tissue as you can tell from the pic. This is before I have sprayed Vetercyn and applied Neosporin....don't think any infection and it wants to dry out. She still struggles with the leg - which I believe is due to the injury affecting those tissues/ligaments/bones.


Any advise very much appreciated.....I'm still giving her the best care I know.

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