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I would say they skin is probably to thin to stitch at this point. Any way you can use some sort of medical tape to encourage closure? I know they make some sort of skin glue (for humans) for minor cuts, maybe you could start working on one end and slowly "painting" it closed.

Flies are definitely going to be a huge concern. They lay maggots in there & it's all over. Sorry to be so forward about that.

How's the mite issue? Good luck and keep up the good work.
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Can you try putting a peice of mile skin over the hole? I hope she's ok!
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I'll try to post some pics after work on Sat. The wound is still so deep - I think there is bone visible. Anyone have experience with this type of situation. It does seem to be smaller, but will it eventually close over? To put anything on it - or paint on it - would have to be something intended as I'm fearful of irritating the wound that may actually be healing slowly.

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With wounds like that it will take a lot of time due to the fact it will heal from the inside out. It will heal up but it will be a slow process I am sure well over 2 months. Biggest battle will be keeping the fly's away from it and just continue to keep it clean. 

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That is so true. Seems like it takes forever, just as long as it is making progress in closing, I would leave well enough alone. Do you have any way to measure it and compare? Maybe make a string circle?
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It's been approx. 45 days since the attack. I am amazed....she started laying last week and has now layed 7 eggs. (1 a day last 3 days!) We don't know how long to wait before consuming the eggs because of the Vetricyn and Neosporin and I've sent emails to both companies....I'm sure Neosporin will be perplexed. Had she never laid another egg I would have been OK with that. 


The wound has almost completely closed and today I debraided the area and removed another piece of bone. (think it may be part of her rib) It doesn't seem to bother her except that she does have a limp. I have kept her on my front screened porch to prevent flies and maggots. I don't think it will be much longer until it is completely healed. The feathers have grown back and there is a very small scab area. 


I took her outside and allowed her to free-range while I looked on and she joined up with her sisters and quickly regained dominance, grabbing one of the girls that challenged her for a bug. Despite her limp, she appears to be doing great. 


I would never have believed this was possible due to the severity of this wound. I will get another picture and post, if I can push the feathers apart enough to see it!


So, for anyone that questions whether they can recover from a wound, don't give up on them.


As for the mites - the Permethryn 10 spray killed the Northern Fowl Mites. I applied where I could and avoided the wound and then reapplied approx. 6 days later. No more creepy crawlies that I can find.


Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and help - you guys helped to save her life!

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So glad to hear the good news. That made my day smile.png. Since both Vetricyn and neosporin are topical medications, I would have no problem eating those eggs. Did you give her any oral antibiotics?
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That is great news. So happy for both of you!! Isnt it amazing how resilient these birds are when given the chance to heal. And you did a great job with her care. hugs.gif
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Amazing! you both are very tough.
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Although nothing was given orally, I KNOW she must have ingested some of both while preening and the hole was so deep and both were inside her. I've kept the eggs and figured I could at least cook them and feed them to word from official sources yet.


I just hope that our journey has encouraged someone else.

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