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You have definately given me hope that my rooster can make it. Thank you for this post! Glad your girl is doing so well!!
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If you can keep him eating, protected from flies and the other chickens or critters attacking/pecking him, and he keeps pooping, then I'd keep treating him. The Vetrycin was great and I sprayed it as often as I could, at least 3-4 times a day in the beginning and put the neosporin on her when the wound was so bad - towards the end I backed off but did try to keep it clean. Don't use peroxide - it's tough on the tissues, despite that being what was the norm in the old days. I did make my own saline solution when I needed to clean in the beginning and to soften the scab, then always put on the Vetrycin when I was finished then the neosporin. 


Good luck!!! They are amazingly resilient and if you persist and help you may be successful.

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BTW, Neosporin did reply and said their product is intended for human use and they could not comment regarding the eggs.....didn't see a response from Vetrycyn and the mite spray responded that there was no delay in consumption time after treatment. We decided to go ahead and eat the eggs - they're for us as we don't sell and figure they are better than anything from a store.


Liltygar - if your boy is unable to dust bath and preen as he might normally which mine was, watch out for mites. They made me breakout and gave me the hebbie gebbies....they are really, really small and one of the signs is shaking their head and looking for the nits/eggs. If you look carefully you can see them if they have them. The med. got rid of mine.

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She truly is beautiful, despite her wounds :)  Glad to know she's doing good :love



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My boy is still out with his girls. He is very skiddish ND I didn't want to stress him out any more than her already was. I sprayed his back as well as I could and have made sure he is eating, drinking, and pooping. His back looks like it is turning black where the bites were, but the rest looks much better.
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I defer to others, but I would think you will need to watch for flies and maggots with him outside. I've seen where others mentioned the fly oinment like is used for horses. I was afraid to use anything like that due to my hen's injury being so open and deep. Will say a prayer and keep my fingers crossed for him.

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Thank you! It sucks being torn between causing stress and creating a healthy environment. He is a jerk and attacks me normally. I feel very bad for him. I miss hearing him in the mornings.
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Hopefully he'll be back to crowing soon.....I had to get rid of my rooster as he became way too agressive...ours was not only waiting for us to turn our back and then he'd run to attack and spur us, but he mounted the hens so often that they had no feathers on their backs.  What was funny is that I wish I had had the roo when the dog came around. I think the dog would have gotten the worse or it.


I can understand leaving him in the pen - I say to wait until he roosts to check him over and I'd use an old t-shirt or towel to wrap him in and work on him.


Hope he gets well soon!

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