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Is my hen broody?

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A while ago my hen started to lay in the nesting box and she'd screech whenever another hen tried to get in. When I opened the box she puffed up and screeched. Two of my other hens were waiting to lay but she would peck them if they came close. Later that day she just left the nest and payed no attention to it. She"s kept going in there in the morning and then decides to leave later. Is she just aggresive while she's laying or is she being broody for only half a day?
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The puffing up and screeching is definitely a broody hen if you want her to hatch eggs then just stop collecting them and she will most likely stay sitting once she has laid enough, if u don't want her to be broody place her in a wire cage with air circulating underneath her for a day or two
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later in the day she just leaves the nest, is that normal?

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If she hasent finished laying her clutch of eggs yet then ya that's normal for her to leave she will only sit once she has finished her laying, but then again sometimes you just get the bad mother version in chickens were she can be broody but keeps getting off the eggs 😊
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Thank you for the information!
I think she's stopped being broody, but now I'll know in the future what to do.
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