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possible sick hen

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I have a 6 month old rir I noticed this morning her comb looking a little pale and spots on it I'm not sure if this is normal or not also while looking at her she sneezed or coughed twice so I took her out and separated her from the rest the only thing I have done different was yesterday I dusted them with sevin when I do this I place a sock over there head to try and prevent them from breathing in the dust plus it seems to calm them more any suggestions?
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Her comb and wattles look like they have just a touch of frostbite on a couple of tips. It will heal up fine, maybe a little smaller.

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We're in Florida it's been a little cool but not below 40 at all one spot looks like it was bleeding I'm thinking maybe another hen was pecking her or fowl pox but I'm not sure
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I thought fowl pox was more of a warm weather thing, like when mosquitoes are around? If so, it's probably a bit of frostbite. Perhaps put something on it like Blu-Kote to mask the red so the other chickens won't peck at her.

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Mosquitos have been out we have had rain night time temps in the 50s daytime anywhere from 60 to 70s so definitely not frost bite I started her on vitamins I don't think this hen has layed yet so her comb is newly coming in I checked the rest of my flock and 1 other has thesame spots but the other 12 dont i appreciate any and all advice
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Sorry, I didn't notice that you were in FL. Yes fowl pox or pecking might be the problem. The wattles look like pox before it turns scabby. There is no treatment for pox, and it will last a couple of weeks. If you see any scabs near the eyes, you may want to apply some Terramycin ointment to help prevent a secondary bacterial eye infection. Some people put a little iodine on scabs to help dry them.

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Thank you very much
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