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New Incubator

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Looking for some help, I just bought this new JANOELI 21 ( holds 9-12 eggs) off ebay , first of all the directions are a little hard to understand, My question is how do I keep humidity in the incubator?, the directions does not say anything about that. ant info would be helpful.. Thanks:jumpy

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You need to add water to the incubator to create the humidity. Surface area of water creates the humidity and not the depth. Once your water has evaporated you will need to add more to it. The more surface area of water the higher your humidity will be. Do you have a hygrometer to measure your humidity in the incubator?
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Hi, I did email the site I received the incubator from, and they said the built in fan creates airflow for even humidity and temperature,It just sounds weird to me, Thanks

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The heat & water create the humidity so you need a hygrometer to measure what % it is. The fan should keep things even throughout your incubator heat/humidity wise.
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