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Sick Roo - suggestions

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We have a home grown Black Jersey Giant Roo approx 8 months old who is ill.  His father (and one other chick) showed signs of wry neck when about 2 weeks old. Vet consulted who said probable neurological and suggested vitamin (don't recall which).  We treated with Poly-Vi-Sol (diluted) and provided wax worms. Both babes recovered and have seen no sign since.


A couple of weeks ago, this Roo was out free-ranging with the flock and I noticed he was carrying himself oddly.  His neck was not fully extended, and his neck feathers were fluffed.  This was the only symptom he had - everything else appeared normal.


About ten days ago, I found him in the roost with the rest of the flock, upside down, struggling to right himself. I brought him in the house at that time.  I found that his crop appeared to be full, his comb was dull, and he had yellowish poo surrounding his vent. Cleaned the vent, placed him in a livestock tank in the bedroom, and he fell forward (no balance).  Provided him food and water.


Since then we have noted that he was not eating and drinking, and showing wry-neck symptoms.  So we have been giving him water with Poly-Vi-Sol as well as clear water.  We immediately noted that when we helped him drink (stick his beak in the water) that upon swallowing, he would produce a gurgling sound that sounds precisely like a human's stomach growling.  This continues to be the case.


Yesterday, after reading through this forum, I purchased some Pedialyte and am now wondering if this OK to give to him.  He is eating and drinking better at this point, though not nearly enough.  His poop looks as it should now, only very small.  After several days of being in the house, he produced poop that looked as if it came out of a broody hen - huge. He also farted (really!).  His comb and wattles look better, but not nearly as bright red as they should be.  He prefers to stay laying down, with his head in the food bowl.  We insure that he drinks too.  We feel hopeful that we can get him through this as he acted like a chicken yesterday, plucking a moth out of the air.  Otherwise, he remains very quiet and subdued.  We try to keep it quiet for him, as he will do the wry-neck thing if stressed.  I also offered cooked peas and carrots yesterday, and he's eaten most of them, along with non-GMO feed, sunflower seeds and dried mealworms.


Ideas?  Thanks in advance.



South Bend, IN

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There are many possibilities.

Wry neck is treated with Vitamin E

The falling/imbalance can also be from dehydration, vitamin deficiency, worms/parasites or some other type of illness such as Marek's.

Can you take a poop sample to your vet and have them check for worms and cocci?

Are you providing grit to him since you are giving sunflower seeds and he is isolated? Is his crop emptying overnight? Does his breath smell?


Here are a few places to start, the first is an overview of common poultry diseases with a symptom chart at the bottom of the page:

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Thank you for your help!  BluRoo is getting better.  After reading your post, I started giving him saw sunflower kernels (highest natural form of vit E I could find via google search) and chopped, hard boiled eggs. The next morning, he was standing, eating and drinking.  This AM, while we were lying in bed, we heard a very strange noise.  It was BluRoo trying to crow! Granted, his 5 attempts sounded quite pathetic, but until this AM, he's been mute.


Yes, he has grit provided at all times, non-GMO feed, water, and I continue to offer hard boiled eggs and raw sunflower kernels. I no longer hear what sounds like stomach growling when he eats or drinks.  So, hopefully, he will continue to heal.  Off to read the links you provided.  Thank you again!

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Sounds wonderful!

I hope he continues to recover.

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