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Whats wrong??

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hello everyone, i got two hens that poop water? and never have given me an egg, its been a year now and i have been getting worried what could have caused this. i raised them right gave them their food and water an necessary nutrients. is is a problem? is there any cure? they are both one year old and they are speckled sussex. thanks for looking!  

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I've been reading up a bit on chicken diarrhea and ran across info that says that if you are experiencing hot weather, it could be that the chickens are just drinking a lot. You did say it was a year that this was happening? I'm having the same issue, sort of, and not a lot of eggs coming out of my girls for about a year as well, so I'll be watching this thread.

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Do you have photos of the two hens that are not laying and of the poop?

What type of feed do you give?



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