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What breed?

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Hi everyone!
I currently have 2 cuckoo marans and 2 ameraucanas. We get blue and brown eggs. With spring approaching we are looking to make an addition to our flock of 2 more chickens of the same breed. We don't want any more cuckoo marans or ameraucnas or any easter eggers since they are so similar to ameraucans. They are all great breeds though.

So, here's what we are looking for:

A generally friendly breed with humans and other chickens
Winter hardy
Not prone to illnesses
A good egg layer
Egg color to be anything but brown or white. (Preferably green, pink, blue, etc.)
Can blend in pretty well with a flock

I know this is a long list.. We are really open to any suggestions. Understand if one breed cant fulfill this whole list, it a lot to ask. smile.png

Thanks so much!!!
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Red stars  are very sweet, winter hardy, do not get sick easily, very good layers of big eggs, and probably will blend in with the flock. But they lay brown eggs. I have 4 red star hens (used to have five but one died of a broken egg). They are all still laying eggs although they are almost two years old now. So I would recommend a red star hen. Hope that helped. :) Good luck on finding the breed you are looking for!  

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Thanks so much! That helped a lot. They seem like a great breed and will fit into our flock perfectly. Red Stars always seem to get great reviews!

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