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LOL! First time i had heard that beautiful sound and have had them two weeks now, has to be the Mama-Heating-Pad (wire monkey research anyone?) I am sure they are happy now instead of being exposed and no night-day rhythm....they were warm and fed and watered, but still exposed....I think they feel more safe now...


Weirdest thing...they are now not running away from my hand...I can pet each and every one of them without them running away., they don't go under the MHP either...???

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Just remember, @mobius that now THEY are in charge of their comfort.  Before everyplace they went was they get that experience of chilling just enough to make them want a quick warm-up. So they won't be under Mama Heating Pad all of the time.  Plus they are older now, so their heat needs might have changed a little.  If it's reading 99 under there, and they are spending way more time out than in, you can try popping the heat down just a notch and see if that changes anything.  Those little stinkers grow so much faster than we think they will, and by 2 weeks they'd be spending more time out from under a real broody hen than they did at first too.  You've got this!

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Ah, Blooie thanks so much for the vote of confidence!! I DO feel like I am on my way. Temp is staying about 81-85 under the MHP, and yes! the chicks are learning to use it! (Feeling a bit sad for them that they did not have this from Day 1!) :rolleyes:


Also it is night now, dark in the brooder, and guess what...they are all asleep, not a peep!

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