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Loving these chicks!!

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Can someone please tell me if these chicks I got are araucanas or not? Someone had me believing that they look like brown leghorn chicks... either way they are so cute!! We were asking for 13 black australorp and 11 araucanas plus 5 assorted breeds including 1 buff orpington, 1 silver lace wyn, 1 col. Rock, and 1 prod. Red (whatever that is)... would love for someone to give me their insight on if that is what I really got smile.png
love my babies!!!

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If you got this assortment from a hatchery, there is no reason that they would purposely try to give you something different.   They ALL look healthy and CUTE. :)

A production red is a hatchery  grade Rhode Island Red.   Great all around layer.

WISHING YOU BEST and :welcome

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Sorry I wasnt trying to imply that.. let me clarify..I bought these at a local farmers market and the area they were in was labelled with one sign that had all the chick breeds inside that one enclosure... but they were not seperated. So all the different chickens were running around together.
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Thaank you for explaining what a production red is do you know if they are brown or white egg layers?
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Very possibly whoever was selling you the chicks was knowledgeable which were what.    The production reds lay brown eggs. Here is a pix of what I just picked up from my 2 . They are extra large, but not jumbo.

I put them on a white paper towel to see the true color.  Both chickens are exactly same age, but you can see that the shade of eggs is slightly different. (not much)  It is such that chickens are all individually different to a degree.  They eat same food.


here is a link that may help you.


Now Cavemanrich is not a plagiarist.  I stole it of a post by  Paganrose.

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Thanks so much!!!big_smile.png
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As someone who raises Araucanas, albeit new to it, if you got them from a farm store and not a breeder, they are not araucanas. That is pretty much the rule of thumb through the community. They could be Americaunas, or easter eggers, and they are super adorable either way!!!!!!! Beautiful chicks you have there.


If you'd like me to give my best judgement on if they are Araucanas, take some pictures of their backs, specifically their tail area. You can tell yourself by feeling for a tail bone, even. Much easier for you to tell than me trying to distinguish a tail in a picture, I'm not even sure I could do it, but I could try. :D Araucanas are rumpless, so that little nub won't be there. 


I'm not an Araucana expert. I can only repeat what I've been told from fellow breeders, as my journey with the breed only started last spring. But I'd longed to get them for a few years and have read a lot, and can at least share my own personal views. I hope to be an Araucana expert in years to come though. Just call me an aspiring one? :D


(Please don't yell at me, more experienced araucana peeps!!!!)



edit: on looking closer at the pictures, the 5th one down looks rumpless to my eyes. Is that one? It's possible you do have araucanas! May I ask where you purchased them?

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Yes that Is one of the ones I was asking about smile.png I was wondering would it be easier to tell after a few days? After all they hatched on the 27th of Feb. And I got them from a small town farmers market store here in kentucky. I am hoping that they are the true ones but if not they will still be my beautiful babies.. smile.png thank you for your advice and input!!! Any is welcome (expert or not lol) good luck on your journey exploring this lovely breed!! I myself love chickens
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Good! I'm pleased I spotted it! So then, yes, looks like you have at least one araucana. By this age you can even see tufts, if you're lucky enough to get one. Take a look at their heads and if you see a little flap or even a tiny spurt of hair sticking out, then you've really struck some gold! Tufts are more rare; I have a 30% tufted rate. It's a lethal gene, etc, so not all araucanas have them.

Thanks for your forgiveness; sometimes I wonder if I'm out of line commenting on things, but I feel educated on chickens despite the fewer than 100 posts, and I'm wanting to be more active. smile.png
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We have a white/yellow possible araucana that looks as though she will have tufts and her legs have a darker almost greenish tint to them ... I will try to post a pic of her tomorrow smile.png and I appreciate any insight bc I myself am just a beginner so well all can learn from each other smile.png
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