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I would try making a tighter bra to hold her crop closer to her body so it might be able to Emtys easier
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Thats what I'm doing right now actually!:rolleyes: Hopefully when she wears it tomorrow her crop will empty!

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Yes I hope to since a chicks crop is made to hold there food tight to there body so it Emtys and as it Emtys it shrinks to the amount of food that's in it
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I finally made the crop bra and I just put it on her. Hopefully it will work. I will just have to wait!:fl

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Well let me know if it works in the morning
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This morning she still had it on, but looked very uncomfortable. I took it off of her. I think it might have been pulling on her neck a little too much. I think I'm just going to have to order one offline. I checked her crop and the hard rock-like thing was gone and hopefully it stays like that until I can get a new crop bra. However I'm not sure what I should be feeding her. Her crop is very slow. Iv'e been feeding her mostly soft foods so it wouldn't add any more to that impacted stuff, but now that thats gone can I give her some crumbles, or should I wait until I have her new crop bra? Thank you for sticking with me throughout this week! I appreciate all of your answers!:)

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U should be able to give a little bit not a lot and I would try giving her some yogurt and just some other foods u might be able to stick her crumbles in water to make a mash for her
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hmm, I hadn't thought about the mash. That's a good idea, thanks! I just gave her an egg yolk and some oatmeal so I will feed her that later.

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Ok I hope it don't stop emptying again good luck
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Ugh I don't know what to do. Her crop is very large and she keeps moving her neck in strange directions. She is also puffing up her feathers(which are droopy) I think I'm not going to let her eat for a little while so that her crop can empty again. I never ordered her crop bra because I tried the one that I made again and she was fine with it. I'm going to adjust her bra so that it will be a lot tighter than before and so it holds the shape of her crop. 

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