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Stinky chicks

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What is the best bedding for chicks. I am using pine shavings and well it's really stinky. I clean twice a day. I have 7 chicks. In a Guinea pig cage. Maybe too small? They are two weeks old. Thanks!
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Welcome!  Probably the cage is too small, and if the bedding gets wet (from the waterer) it will be worse.  You will need about two sq. ft. per bird very very soon, so it's time for them to move.  Mary

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Thanks. That's exactly what I was thinking!
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The little stinkers would benefit by being moved into their coop. More space for them to flex their wings and little legs, and they'll be less likely to start exhibiting stress from over-crowding.


Just make sure they have an adequate heat source and there are no drafts or dampness. If you have adult chickens, it's still very doable. Read my article on outdoor brooding and integration in the second link below in my signature line.

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I find that stinky poop = bad food.  Too much filler and not enough nutrition leads to over-eating and excess, very smelly poop.  (this goes for people too xD) 

I'm experiencing alarmingly smelly chicks right now, plus pasty butt for the first time ever, on a new super-generic chick starter I've never tried before.  Usually my chicks are smell-free on a locally made quality food.   I should know better than to go cheap!

Oh, and I prefer a thick layer of hay or straw over a layer of dirt.  The poop can fall down through the cracks and be dried up in the dirt.  I have ample quantities of the stuff, so it's my go-to!  I find pine shavings to be way too messy.  Just my take :)

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Thank you all soooo much!!!!! So helpful!
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