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Silly Silkie Somewhat Sick lol

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I think two of my white silkies have a cough or cold, any remedies i can make up for them?
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My first advice would be to put either vitamin supplements or electrolytes in their water - helps to boost the immune system and thus deal with whatever may be going on. After that, I'd suggest reading up on respiratory infections (just type it in the search bar) to give you an idea of what you may be up against. To be honest though, whilst theres lots of info, its difficult to diagnose without the work of a vet. 


In a nutshell, the cause could fungal, viral, bacterial or an allergy. Giving broad spectrum antibiotics could help, but it will only help fight off secondary infections if its not a bacterial problem. Some members advise against using antibiotics without a professional diagnosis, others, will administer them, along with vitamin supplements and keep their fingers crossed. 


The issue could be something very minor (like humans having a cold) or something altogether more serious. 


Along with the vitamins, you may wish to try changing the type of bedding you use and seeing how it goes, or adding the antibiotics as well. 


I can't really help in terms of home-made remedies I'm afraid - not my kinda thing. 


All the best


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