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Sick Pullet

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I've got a little 8 week old chick with serious congestion. She is sneezing, her nose is runny, and her entire face around her eyes is pretty swollen. Despite all this she has no fever, seems to be eating fine, and still wants to follow me around everywhere. In fact she seems pretty vigorous for a sick chick.


What exactly am I dealing with here?



(Okay, Never Mind. I'm pretty sure it's Infectious Bronchitis. :he ) and she does have a fever but only around her face.


Looks like I'm about to have to start all over with my flock. Praying that doesn't happen.

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Where did you get her? Infectious bronchitis doesn't cause the facial or eye swelling that MG or coryza can. MG can be passed through the hatching eggs and she might respond to Tylan 50 injectable given orally 1/4 ml twice a day for 5 days.

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I bought her from a poultry swap about 3 weeks ago.


I'm still trying to figure out where she came in contact with the disease. :/


Did some reading on Coryza, did some reading on MG...both sound like they could be the culprit. How would I distinguish?

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I've never seen coryza, but most people say that it has a rotten odor, compared to MG. There can also be multiple diseases going on, since many birds can start out with one disease, then get a secondary disease. Testing or a necropsy after death by a state vet or testing lab would be the only way to know exactly. MG symptoms can respond to Tylan and Oxytetracycline, while Coryza can be treated with those, but Sulmet and Sulfadimethoxine (Di-Methox or Albon) may be better for coryza. Poultry swaps are fine places to get sick birds. The birds you bought could have even been exposed by other birds at the swap. Here is a good link to read about common diseases including MG, coryza, IB, ILT, and others:

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