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Waiting on my astraloph

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So I'm wondering. I have 6 chickens 1 hen 5 pullets. We aren't sure of the hens age but she was laying when we got her. The other 5 I got together 3 being 5-6 months and 2 5-7weeks when we got them. One started laying with in 2 weeks of bringing them home another about a month later. Fast forward to today the 3 older pullets are roughly 8-9 months old and the 2 younger ate roughly 20 weeks all mixed breed. Both of the youngest 2 pullets have started laying in the past 2 weeks. But one of the older pullets is mostly black asrtaloph and has not laid an egg yet (at least not one I can confirm) all of the 5 are mixed breed at best except the astraloph how seems at least mostly true to breed.

So one thing is (and I have read astralophs can take longer) I read some where that there can be a huge personality change for some pullets one they start laying. And I've seen this worth most of them. They go from hiding at the sight of me to suddenly I can almost walk up to each one before they skitter off. Except black betty who up until 2 days ago strictly stayed hiding in the background under the bamboo and away from most of the other girls. She wouldn't even come out of the run if someone was by the gate. So 2 days ago suddenly she is constantly walking the run, running up to the gate when we visit the girls and even letting me walk with in a few feet of her before wandering away. Thing is I have a egg I'm not sure belongs to any of my others and I'm thinking it might be black betty's.

I'm hoping I'll get confirmation today with 3 extra large eggs (I have 2 that lay large/extra large and 3 lay small/medium right now)

But is additude (personality) a good predictor of a possible or close to laying hen?
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yes most will have a personality change and another couple ways to tell is the pubic bone check if they are two fingers spacing apart not laying three is laying, the other is that if the comb and wattles are a bright red and nice and plump they are laying or coming into lay.

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She's been red for over a month. And last time I check her was about a week ago and she seemed to have the right spread. If it is her hopefully I'll know today
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This she never hands out this far forward in the run or so close to the other girls. Only time I usually she her so close is becuase she is over at the feed or water and she runs as soon as she sees me.

Also either miss marshall is up to 4 eggs in a row from a very consistent 2 one 1 off. Or one of those 4 is black betty's.

Betty is the black one obviously. I don't remember all who was in the picture but miss marshall is the tan one

You can't see betty's red in that picture but trust me she's red
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I caught her in the nesting box... cross your fingers for me... I'll have a fully laying coop, 6 chickens
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Omg betty layed... and it's green. Black betty must be mixed with ameraucana... I'm so happy
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She def. isn't an austrolorp she would be an EE and ameraucana as well as araucana lay a blue egg can you give me a closer pic of her comb?

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Well the friend I got them from has free range mixed, I know astraloph, ameraucana, rir, and something else was in the flock. But I didn't know how long she has had chickens or how long they have been mixing. I'll see if I have our can get a better picture of her comb. It's a really small single comb, maybe pea comb but not a rose comb
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probably an ameraucana/austrolorp, but most ameraucana are sold under false pretenses they are usually just EE.

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That's about the best picture I have on hand
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