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chicken attacked by owl

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I need help.  I have a chicken that was attacked by an 4 foot owl.  She survived but had head/neck injuries that initially looked limited to skin but she did have a hoarse cluck the first 2 days. 

The initial injury was 2.5 weeks ago.  3 days ago she started to foam at the mouth.   I can feed her a little by hand and she will take some water but then stops.    

I need to know:

1. how to examine the crop and what to look for.

2.  what to do if I find anything.

3. could this be a pneumonia?  I also thought about traumatic injury to the crop?   I will have to brush up on my chicken anatomy.

4. can you give antibiotics to chickens?  if so which ones?  

Her wounds are healing nicely.   She is back in with the other hens and it is going ok.  There is one bossy hen that I have to keep watching.  


They live in a pen but they get let out to free range almost everyday.   We try to be careful with free ranging due to the hawks, large owls and coyotes near our farm.  


I have also been supplementing water with vitamins/electrolytes and probiotics.  


I would greatly appreciate any help.   I have worked so hard to get her to recover and now this has started. UGH!!!!  I know there are a lot of questions.  Thank you so much for your advice. 

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Welcome to BYC. The crop is in the upper right chest under the neck. It should feel full and soft or have little particles in it in the evening, and by morning, it should be mostly empty before she eats. If it feels very hard it could be impacted, or if it feels puffy and full in the morning, it may be a slow crop or sour crop. A slow crop may occur with an illness or an injury. Sour crop can result from a previously impacted crop, and may cause spitting up of brown foul-smelling liquid. Have you noticed any puffy areas around the neck or chest that could be a leaking air sac from the injury? Antibiotics can be used in chickens that aren't going to be eaten, but it depends on what type of infection there is. Is she having any nasal drainage, gasping, watery eyes, wheezing, or rattles?

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Thank you so much for your response.  I am  so sorry to report that she died today.  I tried everything I knew to do.  I think that she had a crop infection.  

She was fine until a few days ago and it advanced quickly.  It did not look like she was re-injured.  I re-examined her wounds. Her whole neck was injured so I am certain the crop was injured as well. 

Every time she ate she would have sputum and the sputum started to change to brown.  Her eyes watered as well.  


She was tough and did well for a bit but then I guess her reserves were gone.  


Thank you so much for your help.  

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I'm sorry that you lost her, but glad that she is not suffering.

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