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How in the world do you ferment crumbles????  (sorry if that's a dumb question, but I really have no idea):rolleyes:

and no question is a stupid question

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Well thank you again and I will give this a try.  I add a tiny bit of the cider vinegar to their water so I have some here and will check out the website.  You've been a big help and I'm sure my girls will thank you.l

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no problem, and that is just a base there are many websites that can help to give you more information, you can also add other things like BOSS(black oil sunflower seed) they have more protein than the striped ones, and if you ferment you can get pellets instead of crumbles around here pellets are cheaper than crumbles.

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I sent u a reply but it got lost in cyber space.  I'm doing the fermenting and the girls actually seem to be enjoying it.  Hopefully this will last longer than my other attempts.  Feathers still the same.  I'm using the feather food and am going to get some vitamins to see if that helps.

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