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Feeding laying pellets to rooster

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I have 8 hens and a rooster. He eats the laying pellets along with the hens and has been sickly off and on a lot. What could I feed him and how do I separate what he eats from the hens? I have started giving them corn as a treat and I also give them dried worms for protein. I think this has helped, but his comb looks scaby. Any suggestions?

Jo Ann B.

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You could try feeding growers food to the whole flock and putting optional crushed oyster shell for your girls to eat (they will, if they feel the need for more calcium). As for the scabs on your roo - could you post a photo? If so, then id suggest posting the photo on the emergencies, disease, injuries and cures section.


All the best


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Thanks, I'll get a pic posted.

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You can try placing a feeder that is elevated higher for the rooster's feed.  He will be bigger than your hens so only he should be able to reach it.  This would allow to you offer two feeds to meet the requirements of both of your birds.  I would suggest feeding the rooster Purina Flock Raiser.  If you continue to feed him a laying pellet, he may develop kidney problems that could lead to an untimely death.  If you do offer a grower feed to all the birds and then supplement with oyster shell, then your egg production may suffer as a result.  As for the scabby comb, you should consult a veterinarian to determine a possible cause and how to treat it.

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Thanks for that, but I don't think placing the food higher would work because I have hens that jump up in the top of their own feeder that is hanging from a rafter.

I'm pretty sure he had pox. He is much better though. 

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