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Wry Neck or What?

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I have been treating Gabby, one of my Speckled Sussex hens, for Wry Neck for about 5 weeks or so now. Her initial symptoms (head cranked back, occasional inability to walk, poor balance, etc) seemed to be improving until the last few days. I've been softening some pellets, and adding the vitamin E, vitamin B, and occasionally selenium. This is much safer than risking aspiration by just putting the liquid into her beak. Sunday morning, she ate very little of the mash. Monday morning she didn't eat any of it; that was also the case this morning. I think that she's been eating her regular feed during the day. Today she was unable to walk or stand for very long at a time, instead lying in one spot for a while. As the day wore on, her head starting tilting back again, and had stayed that way this evening. This evening she was sitting, and listing to one side. I straightened her up, and then one wing would sometimes droop. Tonight she has been unable to walk or stand, and her balance is poor. I put her in a spare room, with a small perch made of a piece of 2x4. The roost surface was the wide part, and it was only about 3" off of the floor. About an hour ago, I heard a crash in that room. I found that she had fallen off of the roost, and couldn't even get up. I have an appointment for her at a vet tomorrow morning. It's not the vet I normally use for my chickens, but the only one who could see her then. She doesn't look like she's in pain, but I know that chickens can conceal pain. I'm only concerned for her health and quality of life. What am I looking at here? **Please, restrict your answers to the topic in question.

This is what she looks like when it happens:

She pooped twice today that's looked like this. I've never seen anything like it:

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I would be concerned that she may have Mareks disease. She has many of the symptoms. Was she vaccinated for it? Make sure that she is getting plenty of fluids with electrolytes and vitamins in caseshe is dehydrated. Try to read the Mareks Faq by Nambroth by going to the top of this page and typing that into the search box.
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I'm not sure, but I don't think she was vaccinated. I thought about Marek's too, but isn't it contagious? If so, none of my others have shown any signs. I tried to get her to drink this evening, but she wasn't able to or didn't want to. I will try again in the morning with the Lifelyte solution.
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