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Ducklings & Feeding

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So since i'm hatching my own Cayuga duck eggs (be warned i'm a complete novice), It's only day 5. Theres defo some sign of life in there at the moment, there was a little dot which grew now it has spread out into like some kinda splodge... I'm not sure what it means, it's difficult to see any veins since I've been using my phone light, but fingers crossed my candling torch comes soon.


Anyway should they actually be alive and do hatch, I really want to get this right.


I've purchased an electric hen for them, they will be kept inside til older, so wont be subject to the British cold weather.


I've been looking at buying a feeding/water dish for them, and have seen the chicken feeders, are these suitable for ducklings or is there a better option?


Also I've been told to feed chicken crumb with a little bit of brewers yeast mixed in... is this correct?

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Defiantly give it brewers yeast as the chick crumbles don't have the same amount of vitamins that ducklings need to grow right. Though for a few weeks the ducklings will have trouble eating the dry food so make it into a wet mash, pretty liquidy to make it easier on them. For the food and water dish I would just buy some ceramic dishes. It's going to dip the food into it's water to eat and make it the water dirty and it's easier to clean it out on a bowl than a chick water container.

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Thanks for your help Virus,


I 100% have one duckling so far... the rest have the yellow mass but I'm finding it difficult to see veins...


Day 6


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