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Darker blue eggs

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I have some I have some Hylines/Ameraucana crosses in the incubator. The eggs are light blue so I think (not sure) that means they are at least F2. What breed would be the best one to work towards a darker blue egg?
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I know that the "blue" egged birds will sometimes throw green. So, I think if you try mixing for an olive egger (dark egged bird/black copper maran over blue egger) and then mixing back out of it, you could possibily produce a darker blue. I will say I am not up on all the genetic gargons and workings, but it would be a way I'd attack it.

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Thanks for the reply. Ya, I have a long way to go in understanding the genetics of it all. I have a pen that has a maran hen and a cream legbar roo. I have 2 of their eggs in my incubator. Maybe cross what hatches from that with my Hylines/Ameraucana crosses.
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