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Hello, everyone. I'm new, but have been on this site here and there while trying to research other Northwest Indiana towns that allow backyard chickens.  I think the ordinance was passed in Munster, IN in 2010. Because that's fairly recent, I don't know how I will fare trying to change it.


If anyone here has had success, I welcome any advice.  Right now I am researching to build a case.


Munster, IN is a very small town just south of Hammond and very close to Chicago.  Our town is very "uppity" and as far as I know, no one has enough property to have even a small farm.  I am fortunate to have a large back yard on a cul-de-sac and have a huge garden. I'm trying to learn how to be more sustainable and grow what I put in my large family's mouths.


The only cities I know of that allow them is Chesterton and Hobart. Perhaps Highland and St. John, but I can't be sure.


If anyone finds this thread who lives in Munster, please reach out to me. Thanks.