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update to the little chick interruptions, I now have about 22 little poop machines. They are totally assorted colours and mixed breeds, I have had some extra success, by being patient mostly, and letting them hatch out in their own good time with few exception.


I have got a good few flower pots today and put them around where I can work on them, I think to put a good amount of the dried brooder poop into the bottom of each pot. Cherry tomatoes I am picking up for free from a neighbor are going into the pots, the plants are in fruit and too big to sell apparently and in various stages of giving up on life I guess. So good test subjects at the right price.


The brooder is an old fridge laid on it's side with a hole for the chickens to get in and out. There is nothing on the floor, which is the side of the fridge originally, it's just the plastic wall. They poop as they please and I can either sometimes hose the fridge out, or if i forget then it's all very dry and loose stuff. So it's pretty much outright pure poop and a good dose can be put into each pot.


So I guess it's tomatoes first, and also one or maybe a few peppers. I ate one of the peppers today, to the awe of spectators  :epit was rather hot, but I handled it well I think :D

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Thank you for the advice! There seems to be a general consensus that I should wait until fall to cover the plants. I think that I'll start some manure tea, and give them that in the spring. They were pretty depleted last year, and I try to keep the chemicals to a minimum. They could benefit from some division, I think also. Thank you for your answer:)

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Originally Posted by GodofPecking View Post

I went and searched about this and there is a big group of links that fall into two categories, one says it's too 'hot' but doesn't say if that's temperature or chemical and the other says nitrogen will suffocate things without any example. They are ALL in the category of just parroting stuff they obviously heard somewhere else, and I can't find any actual example at all. Not one.

Sounds like the Y2K bug to me. Lots of talk and in the end a BIG FLOP.

Well, to the horror of the internet trolls who shall no doubt wail and shriek "won't somebody please think of the seedlings ( children ) " I figure to just continue adding the fresh poop to my plants in the hope of finding anything other than positive effects. I want more information, has anyone found it to be nonsense also? because I want to do more pots to plant things in, and am thinking of just putting mostly rubbish soil mixed with a little poop on top of a lot of poop at the bottom of the pot so that as the plant grows, there is a lot for it to eat.

What I really wanted and started my search with was something like a list of plants and which ones love it and which ones react in a sensitive way. Couldn't find a thing.

I wasn't planning to dump the contents of the jurassic deleted dinopoop scene to each seedling, but probably a bit less.


Too much nitrogen will "compost" the roots.  That's what too hot means.


I've grown tomato plants in 100% wood chips and 100% lime just to see.  They will grow in almost anything (doesn't mean they will bear fruit though, but they will live).


The last thing I will ever add to my tomato plants is nitrogen.  I would get a lot of vegetative growth without mineral density to back it up.  It's like what you get with humans or animals with too much sugar (ie lots of growth followed by disease).


The best course of action is to wait for the nitrogen content of the chicken poo to disappear, then use it for the remaining phosphorus value.  Since phosphorus doesn't travel through the soil, it will have to be worked into the soil for best results.

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