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Breeds of Chickens

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I am embarking on getting some chickens mostly for eggs, but want them to be friendly so am asking all the pros out there, what breed of chicken would be best for what I am looking for.  Look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for your help.



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Try starting off with  Orpingtons,   Marans, or Cochins.     All docile ..   and descent egg production.   Some higher producers are not as friendly as these.    On the side of this page are reviews that will help you make great decisions.    The better informed you are,,,,, the happier you will be with your final choices. 

WISHING YOU BEST  and :welcome

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I too like Orpingtons and my preferance are English orps specifically.Beautiful Sweet birds but so are my American Orps.Orps come in many colors too.
Silkies are SUPER docile but are bantams HALF the size of Large Fowl...Only thing need 2 of their eggs to make one large fowl egg .;-) still youd fall in love.GREAT PETS.
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